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My Squid development page

NOTE: This information is mostly outdated. For current developments see http://devel.squid-cache.org where development is now done in a more cooperative manner, and due to the higher degree of openness in the Squid development the need for these "personal" pages no longer exists. The page still exists for reference purposes as not all my old patches have made it into the the new development model yet, but will eventually go away completely.

My development patches to Squid

Patches are listed in reverse order with the newest first, so if you have trouble applying a patch it is very likely that it depends on another patch further down in the list.

The Squid version number of the patch does not actually matter that much. All it indicates is what Squid version I used when I made the patch.


Patches with merge conflicts

These patches requires further work to apply to the current Squid version. I plan on looking into the details when I get the time to do it.. If any of this looks useful to you then please help me do it and send the updated patch file to me (or if you don't know how it should be done, ask me to update the patch).

Patches on hold

These patches are patches which require more work to be used in the current Squid releases, but which in my opinion is a step in the right direction for the design. They are kept here mostly for reference and as a reminder.

These patches are not actively maintained, and is provided as a reference only. Don't apply these to your Squid.

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