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My patches to 2.2.STABLE

Squid-2.2 is the previous so called STABLE release of Squid. Due to various stability and performance issues with the Squid-2.3 and Squid-2.4 releases I still maintain my own Squid-2.2 version.

I regard the snapshots truly stable releases, suitable for high load production use. If you are looking for a specific fix then see the individual patches, but I'd recommend using the snapshot in most cases.


Snapshots are jumbo patches containin all the listed patches + other patches mostly from the Squid-2.2 known bugs page or seen on squid-bugs. The Squid version number of these are the version the snapshot patch should be applied to.

These snapshots also contain a cronological changelog documenting what was changed, why and when.

Snapshots can be downloaded from the hno-stable section on the Squid SourceForge page. (go to "All project files" if it is not in the overview)

My individual patches to Squid-2.2.STABLE5

This are my current set of patches to the Squid-2.2 release of Squid. Patches are listed in reverse order with the newest first, so if you have trouble applying a patch it is very likely that it depends on another patch further down in the list.

The Squid version number of the patch does not actually matter. All it indicates is what Squid version I used when I made the patch. All patches listed here applies to the Squid version indicated in the heading above.

If you need more than a few of these then I'd recommend you to grab the snapshot patch above instead.

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